ROCKBROS Photochromic Cycling Sunglasses

Are you fed up of having to keep changing the lenses on your cycling glasses every time the light changes? Do you wish you could just have one pair of glasses that adapted to UV light automatically as you ride along?

These incredible super light frames are not only stylish, but they're also ergonomically designed to fit securely onto your face to protect your eyes from dazzling UV light whilst still being extremely comfortable. 


  • Intelligent Photochromic Lenses: Transmittance from 80% to 18% these optical lenses darken on exposure to UV rays and return to their clear state in the absence of activating lights.
  • 3 in 1 Specially Engineered Lenses: These lenses are Photochromic, Polarized and come with full UV400 protection
  • Inner Frame for Prescription Lenses: Just take the inner frame to your local opticians and never worry about your vision while riding again!
  • Adjustable Soft Rubber Nose Bridge:  We know that not everyone's face is the same so the nose bridge has been designed so it can be adjusted for maximum comfort
  • Great Adaptability: These lenses are not just for cycling, they are perfect for many other outdoor activities such as running, hiking and fishing. 

Don't miss out on these incredible lenses, BUY NOW and get FREE Worldwide Shipping! 


✓ ROCKBROS Photochromic Cycling Sunglasses
✓ Anti Pressure Protective Case with Cleaning Cloth
✓ Glasses Bag
✓ Inner Frame for Prescription Lenses

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