๐Ÿ˜… NEW - Super Bike Tire Pump ๐Ÿ˜ฑ

Meet our New Electricย Tire Pump

Also knows As The SuperPump

This pump is fully electric and ensures that you no longer have to work up a sweat to pump your tires!
Your pump comes with various coupling pieces so that you can inflate any type of tire to a maximum of 150 PSI or 10.3 BAR

  • Bicycle tire
  • Car tire
  • Motorcycle tire
  • Pool

Why do you need him?

In addition to the fact that the pump is fully electric and you do not have to work up as with your large foot pump. You can inflate everything to 10.3 bar / 150 PSI; there is a simple display which you canย set to the tire pressure perfectly and always have your preferred hard tires.

The pump also has a perfect size (18x5x5cm), it is super easy to carry and has even more functions.

For example, there is a USB slot in it so that you can charge your phone (power bank) and there is also a flashlight in it.

This pump really only has advantages and will make your life easier

What is in the package?
  • The super pump for bicycles, motorcycles, cars, balls, mattresses, etc
  • Air valve on the pump with different connectors
  • Anti-slip mats and a bag to store everything in
  • The LCD screen on the pump with simple output, easily adjusts how much pressure you want on your tire
  • Micro USB to charge
  • High-Intensity Flashlight LED & 500mAh Power Bank
  • An engine that can pump up to 150PSI & 10.3BAR

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